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By Jodee Redmond Legal Secretary Use Humor to Teach Safety While safety should be a concern to everyone on the job, simply telling workers that they need to follow established policies set by management may not be the most effective way to get the message across. Sitting in a meeting to listen to accident statistics or learn about new procedures can be boring to employees. Getting the Safety Message Across There are a number of strategies that can be used to compose funny workplace safety tips. For some people, a simple rhyme is easy to remember and keeps the idea of staying safe on the job fresh in the employee’s mind. Here are some examples of safety rhymes: These catchy phrases are also likely to stick in the reader’s mind and keep him or her focused on steps they can take to stay safe while performing job duties. The following can be used to get the safety message across:

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Ethics on Dating in the Workplace by Erin Schreiner Proceed with caution if you find yourself drawn into an inner-office love affair. For some, the promise of a relationship with someone who shares similar values on a comparable career path is enticing, making the office into not just a place of business, but also the home of a budding romance.

If you think a collegial relationship you have might be morphing into a more amorous one, consider the ethical implications of letting this happen. Potential Complications When two daters occupy the same work space, the ramifications for their love affair failing are substantially more significant. This can lead to nasty office confrontations or office gossip as coworkers take sides in the romance-fueled feud between the two.

Inner-office romances can also lead to questions regarding whether promotions were appropriate or rewards were deserved.

This can also be publicized as a “greener workplace policy” or a “healthy workplace policy” Most sneakers are much healthier for the human foot than any formal work shoe. Additionally, traditional dry-cleaning methods have been reported to have a deleterious effect on .

Next Is it legal to change company policy to “No dating in the workplace”? I’ve been working at this place for a year, and we recently got a new manager. However, it’s a large corporation so I know he’s not the one calling all the shots. He came in with a ton of new rules. Everyone must have black socks by this date, no carrying cell phones, no having drinks, no long sleeves, Everyone must have black socks by this date, no carrying cell phones, no having drinks, no long sleeves, and a bunch more rules.

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Harassment under this Harassment Policy Policy may include conduct that creates a disrespectful, intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment for an employee. Engaging in such conduct is a violation of this Policy. When determining whether conduct violates this Policy, we consider whether a reasonable person could conclude that the conduct created an intimidating, hostile, degrading, or demeaning environment.

 · In considering whether a relationship falls within this policy, all employees are urged to disclose the facts if there is any doubt rather than fail to disclose in cases where a relationship exists or existed in the ://

Last year, I had an accident and was off for two months. During my time off, they had three different people try to fill in one particular job and all three quit or transferred out because the work was simply “too hard”. So, when I returned to work, the job I had was filled by another and I was placed in a job no one wanted. I was assured that I would be returned to my old job as soon as they hired a replacement. During this time, the workplace bullies showed up. The first guy, on a major day of business, showed up drunk and hungover and could not fulfill his obligations on his position.

He just kind of sat down and hung out. His work was substandard, at best. I filled in and made the job work , not saying a word. Just doing my job. My boss thanked me for doing a good job. After this incident, this person became more and more prideful over simply accomplishing his job. Patting himself on the back, bellowing his “simple” accomplishments, but yet, seemed to be needing assistance and then saying “I knew that”.

This situation greatly disturbed me because behind her back he was saying how “he would get with her”.

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Heathfield Updated February 15, Do you think you need a fraternization policy? Also called a dating policy, a workplace romance policy, or a non-fraternization policy, I’ve avoided them because I believe that an employee’s private life is just that – private. Here’s the problem with this position. Employees want some direction about what is acceptable workplace behavior.

They don’t want to unknowingly cross some secret boundary and injure their workplace status and career.

A policy this draconian may conflict with the Human Rights Act, which ensures the right to a private life, even when at work. If you found yourself dismissed as a result, and you have sufficient continuous service with your employer, you could bring a claim in an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Office romances are quite common and consist of two employees at the same company becoming romantically involved with one another. Many experts put this down to the fact that in today’s society, both men and women are spending a much greater part of their lives at work than they ever have in previous generations. For businesses of all sizes, such developments could complicate business operations. After all, office romances that go wrong can not only result in emotional pain for one or both of the employees involved, but can also trigger losses of workplace productivity that directly impact on the business.

The risks that a deteriorating romance poses for a company are undeniable. However, the benefits of happily partnered employees are another possible outcome to an office romance i.

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Company Policies on Dating in the Workplace By: Ruth Mayhew Workplace romance is a touchy subject. Employers tread lightly on banning relationships between coworkers because it can give the appearance of interfering in the personal lives of employees. On the other hand, workplace romances can be the source of problems if a staff member becomes a manager’s paramour.

Oct 20,  · Rather than focusing on the work at hand, employees are instead discussing personal issues that have nothing to do with their work. It is best to have a no-gossip policy in order to have a truly respectful working environment.

Next Is it legal to change company policy to “no dating in the workplace” if the employees were hired while dating? I work in a large corporation, and my location recently got a new manager. He came in with a bunch of rules like, black socks, tuck in your shirts, no drinks, no long sleeves, only black and white clothes, solid black shoes, no facial piercings, no more than 2 ear piercings.

Then there’s supposed to be one more rule. My boyfriend and I were dating before we ever got our jobs, and everyone in the whole store knows that we’re dating, including the managers, and the old general manager. We do our work, we work in different sections. But we have the options One of us transfers, One of us quits, We break up, or we both get fired.

Is this legal at all? Can anyone find me a federal website or anything that’s against this?

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 · No Policy. A company is not obligated to implement a workplace fraternization policy; many companies do not have them. Successful romantic relationships can develop among co

Next No dating clients policy at work? So the place I work at is a franchise. We are not allowed to “date” clients and they told us if we give our number out we get fired on the spot! I’ve been working there for 4 months now. What is kinda weird to me is that Told me someone had written a post

Workplace Romances: How Should Employers Handle Them?