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Beware, Overcooled can Karate-chop you anytime! Now, this past December was the first time I had ever immersed myself into checking out music award show results for K-pop. I ended up seriously disappointed in some of the winners that were chosen specifically for the MAMA awards! Life and laziness, however, likes to kick me in the ass and by the time I had adequate time and feelings to write it, it was too late to post any such thing. This is basically what I, personally, found enjoyable and this list should not be taken so seriously. Think of it as a recommendation list! Infant — Clazzi Favorite songs: I will say that some tracks sound a tad messy and with too much repetition can get tiring, but I still believe this is one entertaining album. All around a well put together album with sick beats and amazing, unique vocal talents from the mainstream and indie scene.

2AM – I Did Wrong (잘못했어)

Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer.

Jinwoon reveals Seulong has brought his girlfriend to their dorm 2AM ‘s Jinwoon revealed Seulong ‘s secrets on ‘ Oppa Thoughts ‘. On the August 14 episode, actor Kim Soo Ro, Jinwoon, and Seulong.

When I found out that they would be doing another Christmas show this year, I promptly bought tickets for the show on Christmas day. No new singles, no major changes… There were things done here and there, but nothing that would really add to the show. So I was really interested to see what would happen. Over and over again. It was different covers of the song, but some how, that made it worse. Once we started the show, we soon found out that there was reason to this madness.

The concert started with a little animation conversation between the members of 2AM, and they were talking about having a white Christmas and how special it was. Lets ignore the foreigner singing every word, okay? They then sang a melody of Christmas songs I think. Everything blended into Christmas to me. Finally, the boys took a break and spoke for a little.

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Posted 24 December – As a WG member, as part of the group, I am sure you have met with some difficulties like hating your friends. When you just joined the group, you guys were total strangers so I am sure you have someone you didn’t like.

Jan 24,  · 2AM’s Seulong and Wonder Girls’ Sohee are dating! Breaking news, K-Pop fans: Seulong and Sohee are dating! As artists in the same company – JYP – the two idols had a chance to become close to each other, and for Sohee, who has a naturally shy personality, Seulong was one of the few friends she had, said an anonymous source to Dispatch, a Korean news outlet.

He entered the military at a young age twenty and was given 2 years off from JYP Entertainment to do so. He was raised in Canada as a child and can speak English. Changmin is known for being goofy. Seulong Seulong Seulong is one of the most popular members of 2AM. He is known for his serious appearance and powerful acting, though on shows he has proven himself recently to be a total dork.

Because of this he is jokingly called the third wheel of the duo. The reason for this is that he trained the longest out of everyone at JYP Entertainment- debuting 10 days after his 7 year anniversary with the company.

Seulong , Yoon Bomi – Lovely해 Lyrics + Translation

Formation[ edit ] Along with the members of 2PM , 2AM’s Seulong, Jokwon, Jinwoon appeared on the documentary Hot Blood that was aired on Mnet, documented their rigorous training program on their pre-debut days. Changmin was not in the documentary because he had not joined JYPE. Asian career[ edit ] Following the Korean success of their album Saint o’Clock, the band released a Japanese version on November 9, On April 13, they released the trailer for the film. Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto ” their first original in Japanese.

2AM (Korean: 투에이엠) is a South Korean boy group, that consisted of Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Lim Seulong and Jeong Jinwoon. It was one of the two subgroups split from the eleven-member boy band One Day, the other being : K-pop, R&B, soul.

While most people were crying over Zayn Malik quitting One Direction, or over the Swiss Alps plane crash, or terrorism…. I was crying over the fact that the legendary group 2am may have disbanded. I hoped these rumors were wrong, heck I was sure of it; But… I was wrong 2am joke anyone? T-T Sorry; I know too soon! He wants to sing and act so this company will suit him.

We may be seeing individual activities from them for now. Speaking of wishing 2am luck in all the do, Jo Kwon wrote a message on the fan cafe today about this topic. Especially with 2 members gone, would it be a 3 member group instead? It makes you wonder, and it hurts me just thinking about it! It hurts it hurts it hurts! JY Park and the other song writers write very catchy songs.

JY has a few solo albums under his belt, he can sing and play piano too!


Breaking news, K-Pop fans: She’s not the kind of person to easily reveal her feelings to anyone. The couple progressed greatly in their relationship especially after Sohee returned from her American activities, Dispatch said. Seulong was a ‘soulmate’ for Sohee, according to the source. Seulong was Sohee’s only friend and oppa with whom she could freely talk about her problems. Out of the four dates that Dispatch encountered, they were all held late at night and took place in their car.

2AM (Korean: 투에이엠) is a South Korean boy group under JYP Entertainment, consisting of Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Lim Seulong and Jeong Jinwoon. It was one of the two subgroups split from the eleven-member boy band One Day, the other being 2PM.

And they manage to deliver a great performance despite these issues. The actor and singer admitted that he sometimes sleeps only 40 minutes in a hour period. When criticized for falling asleep during a program and not being admitted to Seoul University because he could not study, he told the Korean media outlet Newsen about the disorder. I knew that I had to study, but I couldn’t. I have severe bipolar disorder and people only saw what was broadcast on TV. They don’t see the effort behind the screen, such as late night rehearsals.

No matter how hard I tried, my body just couldn’t keep up with me. In the case of Park Hae Jin, the news that he struggled with depression hurt his career. Park was treated for anxiety and depression, which wound up exempting him from his two-year mandatory military duty. This led to some netizens accusing him of draft dodging. According to Korean military law, any man who has been treated for six months or hospitalized for more than a month at the psychiatry department of a hospital may be excused from serving.

Park was cleared and although this temporarily hurt his career, it has recovered.

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Singer-turned-actor Lim Seulong posed for pictures and sat down for an interview with Newsen. She lost a lot of weight and got very beautiful. Uee has a really good energy and is very good-natured. I was influenced greatly by her positive energy,” said Lim Seulong.

2AM’s Changmin recently expressed his jealousy of member Seulong’s dating rumors with Wonder Girls’ Sohee and revealed his desire to have a scandal with Girls’ Generation member, Sunny.

You were a presenter for a camera in your latest advertisement. Do you like taking pictures in real life? I like keeping photos and memories. What kind of pictures do you take? I have a camera with me all of the time. Because photography is about individuality, I get creative in my own ways. Sometime I put the camera up high, sometime I take pictures from non-eyesight level demonstrates , some other times I take pictures from a low angle.

The Samsung MultiView is suitable for my style of photography.

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If their air time is shorter than other couples, the discussion board becomes flooded with complaints. They also touched many people by donating 50 million won approx. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were a real couple because of the sweet atmosphere in ‘WGM’ and their actions outside of the broadcast as well. Recently, in a location with reporters, when Jo Kwon was asked “Are you two actually dating?

When asked a second time, he answered “No”. Jo Kwon laughed while saying “They don’t believe us if we say we’re dating and they don’t believe us if we say we’re not”.

2AM’s Seulong Clears Up Dating Rumors with Wonder Girls’ Sohee

We hope to give SHINee the fullest fan support for their 1st concert here. We have managed to get a supplier from Hongkong to design and manufacture a LED light board for the concert. Here’s the artwork for the LED light board: Around 15inch x 15inch We hope that Shawols who are attending the concert can order this light board and hold it up during the concert.

2AM‘s Seulong showed his love for close friend and duet partner IU, singing his praises in a recent interview. “IU has a certain power that lets her steal men’s hearts. She is the most attractive woman I’ve ever performed a duet with. She knows how to win the heart of the public.

Maybe I should play the lottery or something. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. We see it make its journey from President Jung to Baek-hee, from Baek-hee to Hye-mi, who gives it to Sam-dong, who tosses it to Jin-gook… And we see the moment going back in time into Episode 15 when Jin-gook gives it to Hye-mi.

He asks if she has the confidence not to regret her decision. Baek-hee and Jin-gook, who they refuse to put up in front of the cameras.

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He is known as the second oldest member of the boy band 2AM and renowned for his singing abilities using falsetto. The program showed the intense physical training that thirteen male trainees had to go through to compete for the opportunity to debut in either a 4-member ballad group or a 7-member dance group under the label JYP Entertainment. He had studied at Daejin University, Dept. However, the scenario has put 2AM on temporary break from any group activities at the moment.

The music video became extremely popular. XTM Homme is Korea’s first male style variety show, providing latest fashion trend information and tech news.

Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is In 2AM With A Cute Imagine At The End! ♥ » Discussion 5» Follow author» Share quiz. Who Is Your 2AM Boyfriend? KPOP QUIZZES. 1. Seulong Jo Kwon Jinwoon. 2. If You Were In A Kpop Group, Which Position Would You Prefer To Be?.

He graduated high school from BaekAhm High School. He studied at Daejin University , Dept. On October 7, he suffered a car accident and went into surgery. The surgery went well and currently he is going through a recovery process. Prior to debut, he was in a band called “No Comment”. He plays guitar, drums, bass guitar, bongo and piano.

[Fancam] 2AM – 20090215 First date – Fansign main Seulong 2 (477).