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Saturday, June 1, It has two warring sides — the mother Inday Barretto and sister Gia Barretto-Reyes on one hand, and a celebrity figure Gretchen Barretto and her brother Joaquin on the other. It involves the high profile Barretto showbiz family, led by Gretchen, her sisters Marjorie and Claudine, and niece Julia. It has spawned more questions than answers, confusing us all the more. On top of the list is what pushed Inday to go public with her grievance over Gretchen, when the matriarch is expected to protect her child and unite the family. Psychologist and life coach Dr. Randy Dellosa shares his opinions to Yahoo! Following her heart Dellosa adds that whether we agree with Inday or not, she is following what her heart and conscience dictate, and doing what she feels a mother ought to do to manage the family crisis. He also thinks that Inday was right to publicly reprimand Gretchen for her verbal tirades against Claudine and for divulging the family secrets. When heated arguments ensue, parents need to pacify their warring children and help them settle their differences.

Gretchen Barretto

Because I am in totally in agreement with his views. And no, I am not a racist. But I find Filipina girls to be the best girlfriends, lovers and friends in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I have been dating women from different cultures being an overseas contract worker for so long. Still I find Pinays that’s a slang for women coming from the Philippines or with Filipino blood to be really caring, thoughtful and warm.

Filipina girls really have their own way of making a man feel needed and loved.

Mar 07,  · the billionaires life of gretchen barreto showcasing her net worth family mansion luxurycar fashion – duration: Beautiful Lola’s SHOW , views

Biography[ edit ] Early career beginnings[ edit ] Barretto was launched as one of the newest Regal Babies together with former child actress Janice de Belen upcoming actress Nadia Montenegro. Barretto released her debut single entitled “Going Steady”, which was also the official theme song of the movie 14 Going on Steady in which she top-billed along with de Belen and Montenegro. Rumors swirled about the rift between Barretto and de Belen about who should have sung the soundtrack single.

Despite being launched as a singer-actress, Barretto never got the chance to record a studio album due to the annual movies lined up for her. She soon dropped out of high school to fully concentrate on her acting career. Softcore movies and hosting stint[ edit ] In , Barretto was signed by Robbie Tan to become a contract star of Seiko Films. In , Barretto’s image was revamped from being a teenybopper actress to a full-fledged sex siren.

Due to the string of successful softcore films she starred in, Barretto, along with actresses Rita Avila , Cristina Gonzales and Rina Reyes, were tagged as the “ST Queens” which stands for “sex trip” since they were among the most popular softcore actresses in Philippine cinema at that time. In , while shooting the movie Ako Ang Katarungan, Barretto was involved in a highly controversial relationship with married actor Bong Revilla whom she had an affair with for four months.

Some of her biggest films included Bakit Ako Mahihiya? In , Barretto embarked on a hosting career. It was in that same year that she ended her contract with Seiko Films in an attempt to make her image more wholesome and commercial to the public.

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I’m not super happy. Sa simula pa lang ng interview ay naungkat na ang pagka-media magnet ni Gretchen, 38, isang dating sexy star na naging mistress ng bilyonaryong si Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco, Ngayon ay gustong bumalik sa limelight si Gretchen sa pamamagitan ng isang CD na naglalaman ng mga luma’t emosyonal na mga awitin.

After several consultations with her doctor, Claudine Barretto is now carrying their first child with action-star husband Raymart Santiago. The couple couldn’t be .

The prestigious award-giving body is honoring for his contribution in television and the field of entertainment. What she doesn’t tell them is that she was really just an extra or bit player and she’s borrowing all her lines from more famous actresses. Ginagawa nila akong laruan sa show, but I don’t mind. In our latest episode, I even had a cha cha and tango dance number with Joey Marquez. Buti na lang hasa ako sa ballroom dancing kaya I’m really very fit.

When I guested in ‘Extra Challenge’, nilagay nila, ang age ko, 57! Tawa ako nang tawa! Mind you, hindi ako nagpahuli in doing all the challenges na pinagawa sa amin. I’m just happy that up to now, I get good parts, like the love interest of Jhong Hilario in ‘D’Anothers’ na may laplapan scene pa kami. Star Cinema paid me very well in that movie. More recently, I played the landlady of Yul Servo in ‘Ilusyon,’ complete with song and dance numbers pa ako roon.

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Tony Cojuangco’s partner Gretchen Barretto, pinagtawanan ang liham ng netizen na humihingi ng tulong Watch: Tony Cojuangco’s partner Gretchen Barretto, pinagtawanan ang liham ng netizen na humihingi ng tulong by June 08, in Showbiz Photo from PEP Isang video kung saan pinagtatawanan ni Gretchen Barretto, kasama ang dalawa pang babae, ang isang liham mula sa nangangailangan ng tulong ang kumakalat ngayon sa social media.

Ang nagbabasa ng naturang liham ay ang kasama nitong si Patty Pineda na kilala bilang isang travel expert. Si Barretto ay live-in partner ng kilalang billionaire business tycoon mula sa mayamang angkan ng mga Cojuangco na si Tony Boy.

It’s great to be a man, but it’s also hard work.

Gretchen is not married to her live-in partner, Tonyboy Cojuangco, because he is still married to his first wife. It’s a reality that society has to accept, she added. It’s a very challenging role for Gretchen, but she trusts director Chito Rono. They are discussing the things she should prepare for and how she will be portraying the role. She cannot divulge yet who will be part of the movie, but she wanted to share it because it means she has something to look forward to next year.

Gretchen is also curious to the role she is going to play. Everybody is curious to the life of a mistress.

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Proseso ng pagbasa ayon kay smith? Lyrics of Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan? Sana’y di nagmaliw ang dati kong araw Nang munti pang bata sa piling ni nanay Nais kong maulit ang awit ni inang mahal Awit ng pag-ibig habang ako’y nasa duyan Sana’y di nagmaliw ang dati kong araw Nang munti pang bata sa piling ni nanay Nais kong maulit ang awit ni inang mahal Awit ng pag-ibig habang ako’y nasa duyan Refrain: Marahil sa lahat ng mga tula ang awiting bayan ay may pinakamalawak na paksa at uri.

Ang mga paksa nito’y nagbibigay hayag sa damdamin, kaugalian, karanasan, relihiyon, at kabuhayan. Ang talindaw ay awit sa pamamangka.

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The judges didn’t expect it either. They thought they named someone else. Now the country’s movie industry is in an uproar, and the scandal is the talk of the town. Mayor Alfredo Lim is threatening to throw Gutierrez in jail, and city fathers want to deport Viveka Babajee, who represented the Indian Ocean island nation Mauritius in last month’s Miss Universe pageant.

It started Wednesday, when the Manila Film Festival honored the best in Philippine cinema at its annual awards ceremony, which was televised. As the drums rolled, actress Gretchen Barretto shouted “and the best actress for is She glanced toward the judges with a look of shock. Next came best actor, another shocker: Gaby Concepcion, who co-starred with Gutierrez in a film version of the Lorena Bobbitt spouse-castration case.

The most shocking celebrity transformations in Philippine showbiz history

Seiko Films was known for its tagline “If it’s from Seiko, it must be good” used from to The early s saw a dwindle in the film production. After years of providing quality entertainment, Seiko Films ventured into ST sex trip production in , particularly the ones with Rosanna Roces , Priscilla Almeda and Natasha Ledesma. Despite its pornographic content, Seiko’s movies made Rosanna Roces a popular sex symbol.

Roces’ departure from Seiko also made her a household name in movies outside Seiko, mostly from Viva and Regal making her an award-winning actress. In , Seiko Films slowly turned from very graphic bold to a little bit wholesome, even though still producing sex-oriented films.

In connection to the feud amidst Barretto sisters that burst since , Gretchen Barretto strongly denied the accusation of her estranged sister Claudine Barretto, whose credibility was questioned by Gretchen in light of Claudine’s mental illness and the alleged history of drug abuse.

Kris Aquino backs out of ‘mistress’ movie Kris says she had to back out due to a clause in one of her endorsements Published 6: Kris Aquino says she had to back out of a movie due to a clause in one of her contracts. But unfortunately, I have one contract with a multinational company, na buti nabasa ko I was fortunate to read ,” Kris said. It was a concession that the lawyers worked out in such a way, because that was the time nag-papaannul ako. So they have final say or at least I need their consent to do roles that will run contrary to Filipino values,” Kris added.

Boy and I did not realize there was a clause about portrayal of characters in movies, teleseryes and all that would run contrary to the image you are projecting as a family woman, as a mother. Kris said she would have really wanted to do to the movie as it would serve as a reunion with some of dear friends she did not name. Although she did not say who she was talking about, it was reported the movie would have reunited her with actress Claudine Barretto, with whom she starred in Sukob.

The book was written by Julie Yap Daza.

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She made it big in the late eighties as a Regal Films baby, who starred in the following films: Tukso, Layuan Mo Ako! Aside from acting, she also got into singing and released two albums under Star Records. Two of her sisters Marjorie and Claudine and her niece Julia are also in the entertainment industry.

Ozone (O3) is known to be as a powerful oxidant, and according to Dr. Loscertales the therapy has various potential benefits as well as therapeutic properties when ozone oxidizes with blood plasma.

It has split public opinion and caused a lot of emotional upsurge. So whatever she did has created a lot of problems for us. Gonzalez said the CA justices are aware that Nicole had backtracked on her court testimony through the newspapers. But technically, it should not be given weight. Nicole should not ask the court to reopen the case, he added. He could not recall any case where recantation of the complainant or witness had been given weight after conviction of the accused, Gonzalez said.

Ursua said the validity, voluntariness, and genuineness of the affidavit is questionable since Nicole cannot verify it. Ursua said the contents of the sworn statement did not come from Nicole.

Gretchen Barretto on Tonyboy: ‘I am happily his mistress’

Many say it’s dead, a smart one said “jazz is not dead, it just smells funny”. Here at Music By Mail we receive a lot of offers, information, press releases that show the ever continuing vitality and diversity of jazz. There would be so many things to list that a web site is not the best place to put them on. If you’d like to be up to date, then click here.

Seiko Films is a Philippine film company owned and run by Robbie Tan It is known for its bold films of the late s.

That is until history redeems them for what they truly are — women with a strong voice, women of power. The statement delivered in jest, of course was her humorous way of describing how she reacts to the dog-eat-dog world of show business. Unlike many actresses, she is a woman of very few words. She is succinct as she is straightforward with her press statements. She guards her privacy with the ferocity of a lioness.

When I have something to say, I say it. She has been called vicious names in tabloids for being brutally frank, often being placed in the center of innumerable intrigues that usually pit her against actresses of her caliber. Yet, she takes all of these in stride. Gretchen claims that she has long succumbed to the fact that her refusal to fit into the mold of the spineless celebrity might land her into trouble. All she cares about are the lessons these bring her. When I want, I want with all my heart.

Inday Barretto shares last words for daughter Gretchen

Sporty Logo of the “Inquirer Lifestyle Series: Fashion with Samsung” Fashion Show. Fashion with Samsung, the flagship runway project of Samsung and the Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle, a catwalk team-up between some of the country’s top designers and best-selling activewear brands was held at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Peninsula Manila in Makati City on July 31, From left to right: One idle Sunday lunch, Lulu Tan-Gan was wondering, now that fashion shows are suddenly a dime-a-dozen, what other fashion-show concept could we have?

One that could benefit the local fashion design industry, as much as possible.

The full biography of Estrella Castelo Barretto, including facts, birthday, life story, profession, family and more.

The program has been conducted annually since its inauguration and this year marks the 32nd voyage. The purpose of the program is to promote friendship and mutual understanding among the youths through spending time together and engaging in various exchange activities both on board and in the countries they visit. Prime Minister Koizumi shook hands with the representatives from each participating country, and following the greeting by a representative of the youths participating in the program, offered his words of encouragement saying, “I hope you all will harness this valuable experience to give your best efforts for the development of your nation, as well as to further develop the friendly relations with Japan.

Mayor James Gordon of Olongapo, a city 80 kilometers northwest of Manila, said the chaos started after a person attending the festival lit a small rocket he had just purchased at a stall. Gordon said 13 people were hurt in the stampede, three of them seriously. Footage from the scene showed firecrackers exploding, triggering a blaze and sending people running. Two men carried a woman who apparently fainted away.

The building where the firecracker stalls were located was slightly damaged by the fire. The panic was quickly controlled and the festival continued, Gordon said. AP posted by OlongapoCity Zambales at 6: The complaint against Albert Lara and Corey Barris, also US Marines, was dismissed after investigators said that no sufficient evidence or basis is found for them to be included in the charge sheet.

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