Bharat Bandh: Dalit protests turn violent across India

Share via Email A new report on the plight of lower caste women in rural India reveals a depressing portrait of rape, sexual abuse and harassment, and suggests that it is virtually impossible for victims even to file a complaint at a police station, let alone achieve justice. An “extremely high” number of sexual assaults takes place on women from desperately poor Dalit or tribal communities – often by landlords, upper caste villagers and police officers, the study, published yesterday, found. When the perpetrators are upper caste or come from influential local families, policemen invariably refuse to take a statement from victims – and have even been known to assault the women. They also routinely demand bribes, intimidate witnesses, cover up evidence and beat up the women’s husbands. The police also do little or nothing to prevent attacks on rape victims by gangs of upper-caste villagers seeking to prevent a case from being pursued. Sometimes the policemen even join in, the study suggests. Rape victims have also been murdered. Such crimes usually go unpunished. The study by Amnesty International was conducted late last year in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, two of the most backward and feudal states.

Dalits in U.P. can now sell their land to non-Dalits

Thousands cheer new Prime Minister Narendra Modi 17 May They are excluded from Hindu temples, banned from drinking water from wells used by higher castes and their children are forced to eat separately at school. Those who demand equal rights are often made outcasts and evicted from their homes. But while all Dalits suffer inhuman and brutal treatment, none of them are quite as marginalised as the Musahar.

They account for almost half of Bihar’s 80 million population, but hardly any of them have a government job, while literacy rates are among the very lowest in the whole country — six per cent of Musahar men can read and write and only two per cent of women. Many of them now work as bonded farm labourers. Campaigners for Musahar rights said on Tuesday they believe the election of Mr Manjhi as chief minister will finally roll back the prejudice they suffer and allow them to take their place in mainstream society.

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Amid much pomp, his upbeat speech on the state of the nation was beamed across the country. But it was the far less stately setting of a small coastal town in the Indian state of Gujarat which grabbed global attention. It was the culmination of a remarkable ten-day protest march against their brutalisation at the hands of gau-rakshaks, the self-styled cattle vigilantes.

In July four Dalit men were flogged by cow vigilantes in Una for skinning a dead cow, and falsely incriminated for killing it. The lynching incident was not an isolated development, and recent months have seen intensive mobilisation on the part of right-wing groups to polarise politics around the figure of the sacred cow, with what some consider the tacit consent of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party BJP.

The cow emerged as a highly-charged object in the first year of BJP rule in when people were were subjected to violence for eating beef. It is not surprising therefore that among those who joined Dalit protestors in Una were members of the Muslim community. In creating the cow as the prime fetish object, the Hindu right may have originally targeted Muslims, but ended up by comprehensively alienating the Dalit communities.

India expands payment scheme for Hindus to marry person of Dalit caste

Click for full image PC: With the rising oppression of the minority communities in India, is paving the way to joint collaboration of these suppressed and oppressed communities to stand as one when the rest seems to be falling apart. Ever since the ring-wing extremists follower- saffron party has come to power at the centre, the atrocities against Muslim communities, Dalit communities and other lower class minorities have increased by many folds with law and order, which now seems to have fallen out of hand, murders, killings, heinous acts suppressing these minority communities becoming a norm now with numerous cases reported from several states were the party is reigning.

Justice is being denied while others are justice deprived today ever since the saffron party has come to power.

(Photo: REUTERS/Amit Dave) People shout slogans as they attend a protest rally against what they say are attacks on India’s low-caste Dalit community in Ahmedabad, India, July 31, A poor Catholic man in India was killed by a mob this week just days after he .

There are about million Dalits in India. There is meagre improvement in the socio-economic condition of dalits in the past 50 years. Which that is not enough when compared to non-dalits. Of course, much more needs to be done. The urgent need is to have a national sample survey on dalits. Every fourth Indian is a dalit. There is no proper survey to give the correct number of dalit women in India.

They are generally scattered in villages and they are not a monogamous group. Economic backwardness of dalits is mostly due to injustice done to them by the high castes and also due to exploitation. To assess the position of dalit women in India this chapter is divided into various heads.

Kidnapped at 13: Nepal’s Dalit child brides

Marriages between higher castes and Dalits are rare, with the vast majority of Indians marrying within their own caste Photograph: The government envisaged about such marriages annually, but less than have taken place each year. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment announced it would scrap the income ceiling, and said all couples in which one spouse is from the Dalit caste would receive the cash incentive.

Ancient prejudices against Dalits remain stubbornly entrenched in India.

Hinduism and Buddhism have common origins in the Ganges culture of northern India during the so-called “second urbanisation” around BC. They have shared parallel beliefs that have existed side by side, but also pronounced differences. Buddhism attained prominence in the Indian subcontinent as it was supported by royal courts, but started to decline after the Gupta era, and virtually.

Share Bengaluru, Sep Pranay was brutally hacked by alleged contract killers hired by his father-in-law in Hyderabad and Kevin P Joseph was allegedly killed by his wife’s family members in July this year. The Dalit Christians are not covered under the Scheduled Castes and Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act, , an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to prevent atrocities against scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

In fact, the third paragraph of the Constitution Scheduled Castes Order , popularly known as the Presidential Order, stipulates that “no person who professes a religion different from Hinduism shall be deemed to be a member of Scheduled Caste. Also Read Dishonour killing of Dalit engineer: Advocate Franklyn Caesar Thomas, says, “We are affected by the practice of untouchability in the Christian community. It’s been 14 years since we filed the case.

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Who are the real Dalits of India? October 18, When we hear that a resolution is to be tabled in the US Congress next month to address the problem of ‘caste discrimination and untouchability’ in India, one feels like asking Americans if they forgot the horrible treatment they meted out to their Negro slaves! And look at the condition of their own poor black people today, as seen recently during the New Orleans Katrina cyclone.

Hele den nordlige delen av subkontinentet domineres av fjell, med områdene Himalaya, Hindu Kush og områdene oppstod da Den indiske platen kolliderte med Den eurasiske platen for omtrent 50 millioner år siden.. India har åtte fjellkjeder med fjelltopper på mer enn meter over havet.

August 7, 1 Category: A person wearing a yellow sari with a bag on their shoulder stands smiling at the centre of the illustration. The background is filled with plants, a pile of books, a desk and chair, a DalitHistoryMonth poster and clouds and stars in the blue sky. Maya Angelou My first visit to the psychiatrist was when I was I was in school, preparing for my 12th class board exams. Something told me it had to be acetic acid but I would shut that voice down arguing that I was stupid.

I would spend my nights obsessing over the inevitability of earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. I would not read stories; descriptions meant landscapes had to be imagined but my OCD would find ways to break them. I was convinced my loved ones were dying from terrible diseases. I prayed, heeding to the teachings of the Indian church, and begged the divine to cast the devil away.

Hindu by birth, but a Muslim now: Upper caste atrocities force Dalits in Haryana village to convert

Now, a case of honour killing of a Hindu girl has come to light. Athira, a year-old woman belonging to Ezhava caste OBC , was killed by her father on Thursday because she had fallen in love with a Dalit man whom she was going to marry on Friday. Reports say the vicim, who belonged to Poovathi Kandi in Malappuram district, was in a relationship with Brijesh who is in the army and comes from Koyilandy. She had even eloped with him once. However, after her family promised to get her married to him, she returned home.

The father too reluctantly gave his nod to the marriage as Athira had kept her word and come back home.

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It’s not what you think. Labelled variously as a religion, philosophy, or a “way of life,” Buddhism is probably one of the world’s more confusing religions. A few things to note first: Buddhism is not necessarily a form of Atheism. Some variations are perfectly compatible with atheism, but not all. Buddhism is, more or less, an offshoot of Hinduism , so the oldest schools pretty much teach the existence of the same gods.

Even most schools that lack “gods” still retain supernatural elements. Those that dispense with the supernatural entirely tend to be found mostly in the West. No forms of Buddhism explicitly teach the existence of a creator god, nor is the Buddha a god. Nevertheless, some schools have practices that call on higher powers, sometimes including the Buddha.

While these devotions have been called “prayer-like,” they are for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from prayer. Other schools reject the existence of all godlike beings. Others believe that gods and demons are simply other forms of life and no better than humans.

Dalit girl severly beaten up in Semmancheri, Chennai